Live action roleplaying (LARP, for short) is an activity where you take the persona of a fictional character for some period of time. During that time, the participants take on the roles of characters in the story much like an actor takes on a role in a play. In a live action roleplaying event, however, there are no prewritten lines or predetermined outcomes for the plots. Each player reacts to the game as if they were that character. All the people involved are responsible for writing the story, for it is they who determine the actions of their characters.

In the Accelerant system, each character can affect the course of the game by roleplaying or by using one of many skills that determine the capabilities of the character. Characters can gain all sorts of abilities which can allow them to try to fight off foes, practice the art of magic, manipulate traps and locks, and use other skills. Whenever possible, the Accelerant system allows you to actually attempt to use your skill to determine success or failure. Even combat is resolved with a sophisticated system for performing stage combat to simulate real fights.

At Madrigal, we encourage and expect players to remain in character at all times during game time. We are telling a collective story, and it is the responsibility of all the players to try to make that story as real and entertaining as possible. We have tried to keep the rules as consistent as possible while still giving the game a rich set of abilities. Some players will take the role of a player character and have control over how the character fits into the story and the world. Other players will play staff characters and will have the game director provide them with roles.

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