Note: Any copy of the Core Madrigal Rulebook PDF, or other supplemental rules PDFs, found outside the below links should be considered out-of-date/previous versions.  

There is a new rulebook with some minor clarifications and some skill changes that mostly buff under performing or unrepresented headers. Check it out here:

Madrigal Rules 6.2.4


These manifests are for players who have been touched by the shadows of old Nocturne. You only need to read these if you have received that magic during the game.

If you have the visage of someone from Old Nocturne, either from a plot character or by having it passed on by another player character, this is for you.

Manifest – Unveiled

If you have passed the visage to someone else, and now walk unseen in old Nocturne, this is for you.

Manifest – Veiled

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