This is a guide to help you format your character history. It is by no means the only way to do it, but here are a few key components that are helpful to staff when reviewing your history.

Thank you for you time and thoughtfulness as we work together to bring your character and Aerune to life.

Character histories should be submitted through larportal.

Player Name:

Character Name:

Approximate description: (This doesn’t need to be every detail, but just a few key things that would help an NPC identify you and not the other Alexander Wickford.)

Where did you live before coming here:  What do you consider to be your country or area of origin.

Key names (with pronunciation): Lay out some of the key players in your history and a brief one sentence excerpt about that person. (Example: Laertes [ley-AIR-teez] my snotty older brother and business rival). This is not a guarantee that any of these characters  will be introduced into game, but it will help us brief the NPC accurately if we do/can integrate them into the story.

Bullet points: We suggest you do this as either a timeline format or broad stroke/key concepts. Keep in mind this is what most NPCs would read to get an idea of the character before going out. Not all of us will be able to remember every detail, so if you keep it brief and to the point here we will appreciate you forever.

What are you character goals/triggers? These should be very broad. Such as, “I hate all undead because they murdered my family, so I want to haunt them down to the last.” If you don’t have any goals yet that’s okay too! Most goals are developed organically through game-play.

What are you, as a PC, looking for in the game? What draws you? What don’t you like? This is 100% to help us hook you for things you like and not things you don’t. Though we cannot guarantee you the chance to kill every demon that ever lived, we can use such passions to weave you into the world. Preferences/notes can also include things like ‘I take meds that knock me out and go to bed at 10pm’, ‘I have an OOG fear of clowns’, ‘I’m color-blind’, ‘I don’t enjoy puzzles,’ etc.

History: Fully fleshed out and flourished history, or not. Whether you’re a hero of small words or many, you are much needed in what lies ahead. It is helpful to have something here for us to work with that might get you involved in the plots/schemes of the world. Personal stories are also great to lay out the tragedy or happy times of the past, and give us an idea of what your character might care about. If you answered what you enjoy/want to engage with thoroughly in the above two questions, then maybe you don’t need to go on for 10 pages here, but feel free.

Bonus items: Do you have an inspiration that helped inspire the tone and flavor of your character? Is there music or an excerpt from your favorite poem that just sums you up nicely? Let us know!