Madrigal is an ongoing campaign.

We don’t intend to cap the number of players at Madrigal events, but there is a large (200 or so) though non-infinite amount of bed space at the camp. The bed spaces will be handed out on a first-come, first-served basis. If by some chance we run out of beds, you can still play, but you are responsible for finding your own sleeping space, whether that is tenting or sleeping off site.

Because of this, please indicate on your registration whether you intend to stay in a cabin or tent/sleep off-site. If you sign up to tent, there will not be a bed reserved for you on site.

Registration for the event is being handled through LARP Portal, not through email. You will need a Madrigal character to sign up for a Madrigal event, but you can put in a placeholder and change the name later if necessary.

Some more specific instructions below:

To register for the Madrigal event you will need the following.

1. An account in LARP Portal (

2. A character in Madrigal.

If you have any problems with LARP Portal, please contact them directly.

If you previously had a Madrigal character, you already have a LARP Portal account. Do not create a new one.

If you have a LARP Portal account for another campaign, use the same account. Do not create a new one.

If you’ve don’t know your username OR password click the ‘Forgot Password?’ link on the LARP Portal page and follow the directions.

Otherwise, create an account from the LARP Portal page and sign up for Madrigal. (Home > Sign up for a campaign > Choose Madrigal > Click PC and submit)

To create a new character (if you’re not using an old one) click on the Character tab on the top.

Select ‘Add a new character’ from the Select a character list.

Put in any name. You can change the name later.

Click Save.

On the bottom of the left menu click ‘Register for an event’.

On the registration screen, if it’s not already on Madrigal, pick Madrigal from the Campaigns list in the upper left.

Make sure the correct event is selected.

Pick the correct PC if you have more than one.

Click Register

If you have questions on how we’re handing cabins and suchlike, feel free to contact us. LARP Portal questions should go to the email above.


If you wish to use the camp’s meal service rather than bringing your own food, meals are registered through the camp itself.




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