Handy Links & Reminders!

New to Madrigal? See our New Player or New NPC info pages for full details on participating in the game!

Check the events page for the latest events you can pre-register for!

Already pre-registered? Be sure to locate your name on our Prereg List (LINK) feed to be sure we’ve received your registration! Don’t forget you can also pre-pay online for the event/meals!

The latest housing info is available on our Housing List feed.

Don’t forget to update your character in the Character Database at the Larp Portal.

Submit a Player Summary Letter (PEL) and Event Check-Out form after you played an event.  Or submit an NPC Summary Letter (PEL) after NPCing or staffing an event.

Use our online form to send Info Skills between events!

You can send a Character History at any time!

Use our online form to send Production skill requests between events.