This page contains additional information about the game setting that is not currently available in the campaign rulebook.


Each character must pay living expenses at the beginning of each event after their first. Living expenses usually costs 5 coppers per event, and this cost is paid at checkin of that event. This cost can rise during time of famine. The cost covers your food and clothing and shelter.

If you cannot pay this maintenance, you gain one point of Starvation and the Starving trait. Each event you attend without paying this maintenance gives you another Starvation point. Your maximum Void is lowered by one for each Starvation point you accumulate. If your Void drops to zero then you have that one last event to pay this maintenance before you die.

You can remove Starvation points by paying 5 coppers per point to eat. Some in game effects or items might remove Starvation points as well. If you die and your spirit is weakened then all Starvation points are removed.

There are skills in the game that allow you to circumvent Maintenance. These skills allow you to live off the land or by plying a trade outside the time you adventure. Many of these skills will be ineffective unless you dress appropriately for someone who lives such a rough life. They may be times of extreme duress when even these people have trouble finding food and must pay some maintenance, although in such hard times those characters will certainly pay less than others.

Characters who are prosperous can live a rich and healthy life. By paying 2 silver for maintenance, your character is well fed and taken care of. In addition to the obvious allure of these comforts, you receive 1 extra point of Void, including extra refreshes, at the event where extra maintenance is paid. The extra point of Void lasts until the end of the event. Obviously, you cannot gain this benefit if you have any Starvation points.