Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is registration open yet for the Madrigal 3?

A: Pre-registration for various Mad 3 events is ongoing. Please see the Registration page for instructions on how to pre-register through LARP Portal.

Q: Are you currently accepting character submissions for Madrigal 3?

A: Yes, character history submissions should be made in  You will need to make an account, and then you can submit your character history there.  Staff will be able to review it, comment, and either approve or send it back with revisions.

Q: Will there be a player cap, lottery system, etc?

A: No – anyone who wishes to play Madrigal is welcome to. If somehow we manage to fill all of the available beds at the camp (there’s 200), additional folks will be asked to tent or stay offsite, but we’re not restricting the number of people who can play.

Q: What happens if you get 200 players? Won’t that need a lot of NPCs?

A: We have some plans if that should happen, but we’re not very worried. if you have friends who are interested in NPCing, we’d love to have them.

Q: Are you looking for core NPCs?

A: Yes! Totally. Absolutely.  Please keep an eye out for the Core NPC Signup Form, coming soon.

Q: What’s the starting build?

A: Starting CP is 50.

Q: Do I get any cp for a Character history? How about from donations? Is there a per-year cap?

A: Character histories are 5. Characters can earn 20 cp per year; 15 from anywhere and 5 from Madrigal summary letters, clean up and Madrigal specific prop tasks.

Q: When will Madrigal 3 start accepting cp from other games?

A: CP accumulation started on April 1, 2016. To encourage people to help out campaigns who are starting or ending, you’ll receive bonus cp for NPCing campaign openers and finales. There is a max of 15 cp for the year acquired through NPCing and other non-Madrigal things.

Q: Which games do you accept cp from? 

A: Madrigal 3 will accept a cp exchange with just about any LARP that wishes to exchange cp with us.

At the moment, we have cp exchanges with:

  • Aralis 3
  • Clockwork Skies
  • Cottington Woods
  • Crossover
  • Fables of Fenorra
  • Fifth Gate
  • INK Larp
  • Lione Rampant: Crusades
  • NERO Volta
  • Occam’s Razor
  • Outpost
  • Shadowvale
  • Stellar Front

If your game would like to be added to that list, please us with your interest.

Q: Is there any kind of bonus for NPCing a campaign opener or finale event?

A: Yep! To encourage people to help out campaigns who are starting or ending, you’ll receive bonus cp for NPCing campaign openers and finales. Please keep in mind that there’s a max of 15 cp for the year acquired through NPCing and other non-Madrigal things.

Q: How many events per year? Will there be Revels? RP days?

A: Four per year is the plan. Please see the Events page for the current schedule. Odds are we’ll also do a Revel each year, and summer RP days are certainly not out of the question.

Q: Once I create a character build, am I stuck with it forever? Is there a way to rebuild my character if I realize I’ve made a big mistake?

A: There are four ways to rewrite your character’s skillsheet:

  • Anyone can rewrite once they get a feeling for the game. This is usually done within 1-3 events.
  • There are ways in game for players to change their path. It isn’t common, but if a player pursues it they should be able to achieve it.
  • Players can rewrite for specific events if they have a medical reason to do so; ie. someone hurt their wrist and can’t fight so they rewrite into a healer.
  • If a player is truly not having fun then they should talk to staff. We don’t want a player to not have fun if something as simple as a rewrite could fix that.


  •  If the staff feels the player is using a rewrite to somehow abuse the system then we would talk to the player about that.
  • We also don’t want character whiplash like a prominent Eurvein Magi suddenly, with no in game reason, shows up to game as a Shoathri Shaman. We’d probably discuss with the player how to best solve that issue.