Our primary location for events, in Woodstock, CT!


YMCA Camp Woodstock

42 Camp Road
Woodstock, CT 06282

About the Camp

There are a number of cabins, with many different cabin layout – please see our housing list updates here on the website for a list of cabins and cabin assignments, per event. The cabins are solidily built and in excellent repair; each has electricity, screened windows, built-in wooden bunks, and sleep between twelve and sixteen people each (depending on the cabin layout). The campsite is on a very pretty lake, but unfortunately our rental agreement does not grant us access to swim. Please do not do so!

Parking on the campsite is somewhat limited; main parking is located behind and to the left of the cafeteria (the second driveway from the entrance), and there is limited parking space available by the main office (first driveway from the entrance, up a small hill). As always, please try not to park anyone in, or park in such a way that an emergency vehicle cannot get through. Cars must be moved from the main campsite by no later than 10PM on Friday night.

The camp is divided into two rings of cabins; each ring has its own recently-renovated bathhouse with running water, toilets and showers. The rings are somewhat close to each other, but they are spaced far enough apart (and the grounds are hilly enough) that fights on either side are not fully visible from the other side of town.

During early-season events, it is possible that the bathhouses may not yet be open. In that case, there are two bathrooms in the Monster Camp building, each with multiple toilets and showers. There are clearly marked doors on the outside of Camp, through which players can enter the bathrooms from the outside without having to enter Monster Camp itself. Additionally, there are bathrooms at the cafeteria, a little further away.

Because the camp has a great deal of sleeping space, it is not necessary for players to tent; however, we have left the tenting bonuses (extra CP and reduced cost) in place for the time being. Players who usually tent may have to adjust to the site – most of the cleared area is rather close to the cabins rather than well outside of town. Please speak to Logistics at check-in to confirm where you may pitch your tent. If necessary, we will declare certain tenting areas to be off limits, and thus considered “Forest” for purposes of certain skills.


The cafeteria will serve 3 meals per event; Saturday Brunch at 10AM, Saturday Dinner at 6PM, and Sunday Brunch at 10AM. See our registration page for information on meal costs and payment methods.

In general, brunches are traditional “breakfast foods”, and dinner will be a choice of a meat, pasta or vegetarian entree, with vegetables and breads as sides. Coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and juice are available at all meals.

Please attend meal times promptly – service is buffet-style, and it is possible that they may run out of certain food items. Staff will do our best to ensure that you will not be prevented from attending meals due to plotlines – sometimes, the NPC you are interacting with might even accompany you to dinner! Remember, for both staff and players, the best way to ensure you get the food choice you want is to pre-register!

NPCs who play for a majority of the weekend will be provided with dinner on Saturday night, and Madrigal will pick up the tab.

In-game, the Cafeteria is: a large hall owned by one of the Merchant Houses. They invite all to attend their meals.