An alternate location that is occasionally used for Madrigal events, in Brookfield MA!


YMCA Camp Frank A. Day

125 South Pond Road
East Brookfield, MA 01515

About the Camp

Camp Frank A. Day is a traditional rustic New England overnight camp. Campers sleep in one-room cabins with wooden bunk beds and electricity… Just steps away from the cabins and tents are modern bathhouses with flushing toilets and hot showers.

The campsite itself is HUGE – divided into three separate rings of cabins, all of varying sizes, with each cabin area surrounded by large, clear paths and trees. There are several huge recently-renovated bathhouses with running water, toilets and showers near the main cabins, in the center of the camp. The rings are fairly distant from each other, spaced far enough apart (and divided by trees and gentle hills) that fights on either side are not fully visible from the other side of town. There are many well-cut trails throughout the property, several wide fields, and a hilltop chapel/amphitheatre off to the side of the main entrance, off in the woods. The campsite is on a very pretty lake, but unfortunately our rental agreement does not grant us access to swim. Please do not do so!

Parking on the campsite is somewhat limited; main parking is located immediately inside the entrance. As always, please try not to park anyone in, or park in such a way that an emergency vehicle cannot get through. Cars must be moved from the main campsite by no later than 10PM on Friday night.

Because the camp has a great deal of sleeping space, it is not necessary for players to tent; however, we have left the tenting bonuses (extra CP and reduced cost) in place for the time being. Players who usually tent may have to adjust to the site – most of the cleared area is rather close to the cabins rather than well outside of town. Please speak to Logistics at check-in to confirm where you may pitch your tent. If necessary, we will declare certain tenting areas to be off limits, and thus considered “Forest” for purposes of certain skills.


Formal meals are not always served when game occurs at this site. We sometimes have catering available through a 3rd party vendor, who accepts cash. Availability of the meal vendor will be announced on our general announcements page here on the website. The camp site is within a short drive of fast food and other restaurants for those who elect to eat off site.

In-game / Out of Game Locations & Points Of Interest

Monster camp is typically located on the far south side of the camp. This building is used for preparation by NPCs and staff, but NPC sleeping space is typically in the near-by cabins, close to the upper bath house. Player housing is typically in the north side of the camp (the lower side) in two areas, both close to a bathhouse. The bathhouses have running water, showers, and flushing toilets.

Available cabins may change from event to event, so please see the housing list for the latest updates on which cabins are permitted for use, and to see assigned cabin numbers.