A resonance from the Seven Charters

Those in Nocturne walk past the Chambers of Harmony and hear an echo of conversation. As they approach close, the conversation becomes clearer:

The Admiral laughs heartily when Jynx tells him her idea on how the party that the heroes of Nocturne suggested should be done.

“Seriously Jynx! A tea-party!” You almost couldn’t hear the words through the rumble.

Turning red, Jynx replied, “stop laughing! I AM serious. Imagine how disarmed the nobility will be when invited to tea. I mean we have the best teas imported from all of Aerune already, and it will be intriguing.” Jynx was clearly rambling as she didn’t get the response she was expecting.

The Admiral smiled, “You are quite right. It will be intriguing and unexpected. I like it!” He paused and took on a more serious tone. “I appreciate you finding trustworthy folk to deal with this political stuff. I’ve never had much fancy for it myself.”

Jynx knew the Admiral regretted not being able to meet these young heroes that Jynx and Bartow went on about, but his business was elsewhere. Truthfully, he often confided feels of resentment over the political side of leading. The Admiral was more of a war leader then a politician. Though, you would never know it from his behavior in the counsel room. Luck would have it that the exact people she needed to prevent the chaos in The Charters, stumbled onto the old mythic ruins of Nocturne…it was a dizzying thought.

On her way out of the halls, Jynx bumped into Bartow. “Bartow, ahoy, the parties on — Saturday afternoon. I’ve got lots of planning to do, you want to help?”

Bartow makes a sort of hurmph laugh sound, “fat chance. I’ve my own work to do. I will gladly come to spike the tea though.” Jynx smirked. It was the thing about Bartow that made her most endearing to Jynx. Bartow could always turn Jynx’s moods around and get her to see that larger picture that she struggled with.

“I can still rely on you for disseminating the cover story information for our compatriots right?”

“Of course. Our word is our bond.”

“And our heart is our song,” Jynx replied reflexively. “You’ll be with the Admiral on mission during the soirée?”

“Yes, my sword will, but my thoughts will be with you all. Hopefully, we get to the bottom of this sneaky business.”

A letter from Seanne of the Illuminarium

Hello Heroes from Nocturne,

I hope this missive finds you well. In Kryzenwold, the Festival of The Longest Night is quickly approaching. I hope that many of you will add to the important tales that are said to keep the wood’s haunts at bay. I’ve also read that it can be a night to remember why it is good to fear the dark which reminded me of an abandon Illuminarium Hall in the woods near Kryzen-licht. I believe this would be an excellent opportunity to get an artifact out of the defunct Illuminarium that you can use to help lessen the cost of getting information through the hall in Nocturne for a time. I, of course, understand if you’re not interested and would rather just pay the extra True Elements as this is a terribly dangerous mission. Either way, it’s a beautiful time in Kryzen-licht and an excellent chance to visit the Temple of Ever-Burning Font.

Oh, and well you are nearby, I hope to see you at the Raving Balladist. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a real must-see. The Hall is the clever way Illuminary of Kryzenwold collect the stories of travelling Vogel’s and Lyrickers. I’ve never met a Lyricker that can resist the urge to pop in for a pint and a bite well spinning a good tale or two of their travels. Since it’s gained such popularity over the years, you’ll find stories from all sorts of folks there. I once met a bulking orc with tusks the size of an Umbrul that swung through simply because he heard a Khorosi had done it, and he “would not be out done by a cowering…” well the word he used next was a bit impolite, so I’ll leave it at that.

Well, I don’t wish to keep you all day.

Best Regards,

Seanne Weber

Of the First Order

Illuminary Keeper

SNOW for Revel

Hello All!

General update/expectation for snow. There will be snow and ice at site, so everyone will need to be extra cautious and wear the proper foot wear.

We would appreciate if you try and be parked farther up the road, since we will sometimes be using the road to walk from Roskin to the Tavern/main town area. Due to weather this may not be possible, so we’ll just have to ignore them. However, it is difficult with snow to get “off” the road so please just be extra mindful of being as far over as you reasonably can. If you need help knowing where to park, just ask.

The site is general good about cleaning up pathways and access to heated spaces (of which we have a good number); however, there are non-heated areas/access that we need to have. This is where you come in.

We would like anyone able to bring a shovel just in case to do so. If you do please tell us (by us I don’t mean Rob, he won’t remember and is busy doing other things) at monster camp with shovel in hand and ready to go help. We will direct you to the necessary areas. This will result in setup CP as well as a bonus amount.

If you are staying in a non-heated cabin (because you are a polar bear or a brave brave soul),  you will (possibly) have to shovel your way in before putting your stuff down. Please tell us (again not Rob) both at site as soon as you can, and in your PEL.

Anyone (shovel or not) can arrive as early as 2pm. Most of staff will be there between 4-6 though, so don’t be surprised if you can’t find us at that time.

Thank you,

Madrigal 3 Staff