Costuming Pinterest Boards

Costuming descriptions are great, but we all know how many words a picture is worth. To help inspire folks with visual looks for each of the countries and kingdoms of Madrigal 3, we’ve created a master costuming Pinterest board.
There’s separate sub-boards, so you can see the looks we’re encouraging for each kingdom and only follow the ones that interest you. New boards will be made visible as we release notes on each country.
These are closed boards, which only MadStaff can add pins to, but we’re happy to take suggestions for things to be added.
This is all in addition to the open Madrigal 3 Pinterest board, which is more of a general campaign board. You’re all encouraged to add pictures and links to that one as often as you’d like.

Welcome to Madrigal 3

Please bear with us as we update this site with a brand new Aerune – new maps, new races, new countries and customs, new religions and beliefs, and new rules. We’re extremely excited to share everything with you, but there’s a lot to write between now and the fall.