Prereg for June event

Hi everyone.

I know we just finished the last event, but the next one is coming up fast.  If you know you’re going to be there, please prereg!  Here’s the current list:

Character Name Team/Housing Group
Adelaide Parliament
Almara (new char)
Altana Free Society
Amity Misfit Menagerie
Antheia Coven
Arianna Windward
Bastia Windward
Bishop (new char) Ace of Spades
Blacksun Mad House
Brandt Free Society
Brook Misfit Menagerie
Calavacte Parliament
Caspian (new char) Ace of Spades
Ceryn Society for Cultural Exchange
Charcoal Mad House
Charis Society for Cultural Exchange
Chelsea Misfit Menagerie
Cor’delia Windward
Coral Coven
Corso Windward
Coto Misfit Menagerie
Dagna Free Society
Davorin Silverblades
Delilah Society for Cultural Exchange
Dimentio Windward
Elentia Parliament
Eliza Free Society
Elli Misfit Menagerie
Ellion Unbroken Shield
Ellis Windward
Emrys Wilderforge
Ephraim Parliament
Eredin Free Society
Fenrick Unbroken Shield
Florian Parliament
Gruul Society for Cultural Exchange
Gwyon Coven
Harper Fang, Horn, and Poppy
Hart Coven
Holly Unbroken Shield
Icoran (new char) Parliament
Ignoratio Fang, Horn, and Poppy
Io Silverblades/Misfits
Jade Lost Sisters
Jerikho Free Society
Jerrin Windward
Jonathan Brandrkind
Kagg Free Society
Kalira (new char) Ace of Spades
Kelkimo Wilderforge
Kiroan Ruckerdemalion
Kizito Society for Cultural Exchange
Konstanze Unbroken Shield
Kythera Free Society
Lexi Seven Sisters
Loredana Windward
Lucinda Silverblades
Luxe Parliament
Lysander (new char) Ace of Spades
Malakai Fang, Horn, and Poppy
Marcellus Windward
Marcus (new char) Ace of Spades
Marika Silverblades
Metal Pig Misfit Menagerie
Murdoc Unbroken Shield
Nev Windward
NEW CHAR (Jordan) Ace of Spades
Ophelia Parliament
Pages Windward
Pan Parliament
Persie Parliament
Pirouette Society for Cultural Exchange
Rasvim Misfit Menagerie
Redbone (new char) Ace of Spades
Rook (new char) Ace of Spades
Rue Unbroken Shield
Skeek Misfit Menagerie
Skjoldr Iron Forge
Starling Iron Wrought
Sunrise Brandrkind
Syn Silverblades
Syrus Society for Cultural Exchange
Tails (new char) Ace of Spades
Talos Society for Cultural Exchange
Tempest Misfit Menagerie
Tharion Wilderforge
The Fox Wilderforge
The Warden Society for Cultural Exchange
Thrymyr Silverblades
Tristram Parliament
Uttwick Mad House
Viera Parliament
Zalo Unbroken Shield