Prereg for April Event

Hi everyone!

We’re entering our prep cycle for the next event.  If you could make sure you and your friends have preregged for the event so we can make plans, would be much appreciated.



Character Name Team/Housing Group
Abraham Mad House
Adelaide Parliament
Adelaide R
Altana (new char) Free Society
Amity Misfit Menagerie
Ariana Windward
Avalon Parliament
Avi Misfit Menagerie
Balmonious Bard Fang, Horn, and Poppy
Bastia (new char) Windward
Blacksun Mad House
Bridget Mad House
Bunny Mad House
Calavacte Parliament
Calla (new char) The Lost Sisters
Ceryn Society for Cultural Exchange
Charis (new char) Society for Cultural Exchange
Chelsea Misfit Menagerie
Cor’delia Windward
Coral Coven
Corso Windward
Coto Misfit Menagerie
Credo Mad House
Dagna Free Society
Delilah Society for Cultural Exchange
Dimentio Windward
Dorian Misfit Menagerie
Elentia Parliament
Eliza Mad House
Elli Misfit Menagerie
Ellion Unbroken Shield
Ellis Windward
Emyrs Wilderforge
Ephraim Parliament
Eredin Free Society
Flint (new char)
Florian Parliament
Gruul Society for Cultural Exchange
Gunther Fang, Horn, and Poppy
Gwendolyn Fang, Horn, and Poppy
Gwyon Coven
Harper Fang, Horn, and Poppy
Hart Coven
Hludana Fate’s Chosen
Holly Unbroken Shield
Ignoratio Fang, Horn, and Poppy
Io Silver blades/misfits
Jade (new char) The Lost Sisters
Jerikho Free Society
Jerrin Windward
Jonathan Brandrkind
Kagg Free Society
Kas Fate’s Chosen
Kel Wilderforge
Kelkimo Wilderforge
Kiroan Ruckerdemalion
Kismet Windward
Kizito (new char) Society for Cultural Exchange
Konstanze Unbroken Shield
Kythera Free Society
Lady Charcoal Mad House
Lexi Seven Sisters
Loredana Windward
Lucinda Silver Blades
Luxe Parliament
Malachai Fang, Horn, and Poppy
Malorie Mad House
Marcellus Windward
Marika Silver Blades
Marteen Fate’s Chosen
Murdoc Unbroken Shield
Nev Windward
NEW CHAR (Mace) Wilderforge
Ophelia Parliament
Osric Misfit Menagerie
Pages Windward
Pan Silverblades
Persie Silverblades
Pirouette Society for Cultural Exchange
Rainiere Windward
Rasvim Misfit Menagerie
Rhiannon Fang, Horn, and Poppy
Rue Unbroken Shield
Sam Parliament
Skjoldr Iron Wrought
Snickers Wilderforge
Steele (new char)
Sunrise Brandrkind
Syn SilverBlades
Syrus Society for Cultural Exchange
Talos Society for Cultural Exchange
Tempest Misfit Menagerie
Tharion Wilderforge
Thrymyr Silver Blades
Torden Mad House
Tris Windward
Uttwick Mad House
Valfred Fate’s Chosen
Viera Parliament
Warden (new char) Society for Cultural Exchange
Zalo Unbroken Shield