A resonance from the Seven Charters

Those in Nocturne walk past the Chambers of Harmony and hear an echo of conversation. As they approach close, the conversation becomes clearer:

The Admiral laughs heartily when Jynx tells him her idea on how the party that the heroes of Nocturne suggested should be done.

“Seriously Jynx! A tea-party!” You almost couldn’t hear the words through the rumble.

Turning red, Jynx replied, “stop laughing! I AM serious. Imagine how disarmed the nobility will be when invited to tea. I mean we have the best teas imported from all of Aerune already, and it will be intriguing.” Jynx was clearly rambling as she didn’t get the response she was expecting.

The Admiral smiled, “You are quite right. It will be intriguing and unexpected. I like it!” He paused and took on a more serious tone. “I appreciate you finding trustworthy folk to deal with this political stuff. I’ve never had much fancy for it myself.”

Jynx knew the Admiral regretted not being able to meet these young heroes that Jynx and Bartow went on about, but his business was elsewhere. Truthfully, he often confided feels of resentment over the political side of leading. The Admiral was more of a war leader then a politician. Though, you would never know it from his behavior in the counsel room. Luck would have it that the exact people she needed to prevent the chaos in The Charters, stumbled onto the old mythic ruins of Nocturne…it was a dizzying thought.

On her way out of the halls, Jynx bumped into Bartow. “Bartow, ahoy, the parties on — Saturday afternoon. I’ve got lots of planning to do, you want to help?”

Bartow makes a sort of hurmph laugh sound, “fat chance. I’ve my own work to do. I will gladly come to spike the tea though.” Jynx smirked. It was the thing about Bartow that made her most endearing to Jynx. Bartow could always turn Jynx’s moods around and get her to see that larger picture that she struggled with.

“I can still rely on you for disseminating the cover story information for our compatriots right?”

“Of course. Our word is our bond.”

“And our heart is our song,” Jynx replied reflexively. “You’ll be with the Admiral on mission during the soirée?”

“Yes, my sword will, but my thoughts will be with you all. Hopefully, we get to the bottom of this sneaky business.”

Posted in Nocturne by the Knight of Diamonds


The lands that were formally and historically the site of Nocturne are considered unsettled and registered as such. Our group, the Illuminarium, has acquired from all the bordering kingdoms a license to settle the land for the purpose of historical investigation and for archeological and magical recovery of artifacts related to not only that ancient city, but other ruins we might encounter. We have acquired the right for 11 years, although the settlement has existed for almost a year already, and we have options to extend that period through renegotiation at that time.

As part of the license, the Illuminarium has accepted the responsibility of “abating lawless behaviour” which is intended to not only curtail the war-like attacks of the Hobgoblin houses, but to also preclude banditry that might hamper trade between the kingdoms. This responsibility would include any who have answered the call to maintain the peace and join us in the task of investigating the past.

I must confess that the agreement is greatly in our best interest, both because the initial state of the land held dangers from Hobgoblin war parties, local creatures, and rumors of wandering undead, and also because the kingdoms did not, for the most part, believe that the city of ancient Nocturne even existed, much less that the ruins would be uncovered. We have entered into this agreement several times previously, but this is the first time our investigations bore, as they say, historical significance.

Now that the hobgoblins have, for the time being, scattered and the land has begun to yield both magical knowledge and treasures, some of the kingdoms would no doubt be eager to find reason to not honor the license and move into the area. This unsettled land has grown dramatically in importance now that we have proof that ancient Nocturne existed and that it was built on this site.

We are appreciative that heroes such as yourselves have answered our call and have embarked upon this investigation with us. We wish to support you in your efforts as you have supported us in ours. If settlers in the area, however, attempt to establish a sovereign state, or bring forth a vote of no confidence in the Illuminarium’s ability to keep the peace, that is your right but in doing so you would be negating both the contract we have with a number of kingdoms and the area’s status as an unsettled border. This would allow kingdoms to legally withdraw both their legal obligation to maintain our license and to break the peace by sending military forces directly into the unsettled borderlands.

While we would be glad to support any who feel they have been wronged as part of our agreement to keep the peace of the area, we also want to respect as much as possible the laws of the lands of those who have come forth to act as our allies and champions.

Before the settlers and champions of Nocturne strive to create a sovereign state, however, we urge you to set aside that task and any official proclamation of state; at the very least until you have a chance to speak with our representatives.

The Knight of Diamonds,
Scholar of the Illuminarium