Posted on a tree in Nocturne…

******Written on parchment tacked to a tree in Nocturne*******
Welcome all Shamans and Followers of the Spirits:
          Come join me in creating our circle in Nocturne at Noontime on the first full day of the gathering. So that each of us are represented please bring a token showing your connection to the spirits,animal or elemental, which will become a permanent part of the circle. To protect and anchor these tokens think of a story, or song that illustrates that connection. It can be about you, something you witnessed, or heard that inspires you. This ritual is open to anyone who follows the shamanic faith, be they Shaman or lay followers, and it will remain open for anyone who wants to join in the future.
Spirits guide and protect us,

Scarlet Scouts and Karma


We wanted to introduce the concept of Karma and talk about Scarlet Scout shifts!

Karma is an additional attribute whose sole purpose is to reward players who take extra time to add to the game. It is awarded for entirely out of game reasons; players who act as NPCs, or create in game areas that add to atmosphere, or do other things to add to the game community and immersion can be awarded Karma.

~ You may spend a point of Karma in place of a point of Air, Earth, Fire, or Water
~ You can have up to 3 Karma points. Extra points earned are lost so spend them!
~ You must precede any skill where you use Karma with “With Karma” so we know.

Scarlet Scouts
We are looking for players willing to take some time out of their weekend to leave game and help us run encounters by playing an NPC for a time. We set up shifts and players who sign up will help us keep up the pace and excitement of the game.

Players interested in a shift should send me an email – and should not reply to the list.

To facilitate this process we both arrange for sign ups so players can plan their contributions, and we sometimes come into game as a group called the Scarlet Scouts. This NPC group is well known to act as protectors of the farmers and commonfolk of the land. Players that go off to help the Scarlet Scouts should know, out of game, that we are enlisting players to spend some time as NPCs. It is also well known that most Scarlet Scout missions – even though they are considered important – are uneventful.

We are looking for players to “take a shift” to NPC in the following slots:

Saturday, 11 am to 2 pm
You aren’t really a morning person, and would rather come and help us entertain players rather than get into full costume right off the bat. You can also take this time to help out Josh who runs morning modules if you prefer.

Saturday, 4 to 6 pm
Dinner is coming up, and players with lighter costuming requirements can take some time to help us run modules.

Saturday, 7 to 9 pm
Players have just finished dinner, and are willing to take an early evening shift to help modules run.

Saturday, 9 to 11 pm
This is a good time for players who like to fight a lot to come and help us rock the PCs.

Saturday, late night fight
This involves playing through the night until you see people gathering for what is likely to be a big fight, and then going to bolster the Scarlet Scouts so you can help us in the battle or battles to come.

Sunday, any time
Hate getting into costume on Sundays? Come to monster camp instead and help us run modules and fight the PCs!

If you are willing to take some time to help us out you will have our gratitude (and you will also get a piece of treasure and a point of Karma.)