Hello Heroes from Nocturne,

I hope this missive finds you well. In Kryzenwold, the Festival of The Longest Night is quickly approaching. I hope that many of you will add to the important tales that are said to keep the wood’s haunts at bay. I’ve also read that it can be a night to remember why it is good to fear the dark which reminded me of an abandon Illuminarium Hall in the woods near Kryzen-licht. I believe this would be an excellent opportunity to get an artifact out of the defunct Illuminarium that you can use to help lessen the cost of getting information through the hall in Nocturne for a time. I, of course, understand if you’re not interested and would rather just pay the extra True Elements as this is a terribly dangerous mission. Either way, it’s a beautiful time in Kryzen-licht and an excellent chance to visit the Temple of Ever-Burning Font.

Oh, and well you are nearby, I hope to see you at the Raving Balladist. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a real must-see. The Hall is the clever way Illuminary of Kryzenwold collect the stories of travelling Vogel’s and Lyrickers. I’ve never met a Lyricker that can resist the urge to pop in for a pint and a bite well spinning a good tale or two of their travels. Since it’s gained such popularity over the years, you’ll find stories from all sorts of folks there. I once met a bulking orc with tusks the size of an Umbrul that swung through simply because he heard a Khorosi had done it, and he “would not be out done by a cowering…” well the word he used next was a bit impolite, so I’ll leave it at that.

Well, I don’t wish to keep you all day.

Best Regards,

Seanne Weber

Of the First Order

Illuminary Keeper