Sneak Preview – Madrigal Rules 5.5.2 Beta


Warning! This is an early draft of the Madrigal 3 Rules posted for player review. While we welcome any potential players to take a look and see what we have in store, keep in mind that things are subject to change. We also apologize if there are still grammar edits and typos lurking in these pages.

This document does not currently have the following sections: Races, Runes, Alchemy, Mythos, or any of the posted cultures.

We are also aware of the following:

The Information Skill pass has not been done yet. Although we have included a section about information skills, we have not created and distributed the final list of information skills yet.

We are still working on placing skills that would enable characters to cast with various weapons. While many of these skills are in, some might be added; in particular skills that allow touch casting or even packet attacks while carrying (but not blocking with) a strapped shield.


Madrigal Rules 5.5.2 Player Beta