New Rules, New Character Point Policies, and You!

As we have previously announced, we are working on new rules for Madrigal!

The upcoming rules are a rewrite from the ground up. They are designed to make getting into the game easier. They are designed to have fewer attributes to track, at least for newer players. They are designed to make it easier to create a new character and play. Depth and complexity come later, as the character progresses and gains more character points to spend.

In order to accomplish this, a new character chooses a core header – a variation on the constellation headers in the current game – and gets that header and all core skills within it for free. In addition, each sphere of magic also offers three free spells for characters who gain that magical sphere skill. Character points are only needed for Open Skills, Specialty Headers (and the skills within them), and additional spells.

With the release of the rule book comes the ability for everyone to redesign their characters from the ground up. The great cycle of magic has rolled over Aerune, and this has caused a great many changes. Magic works differently. Storms of magic have washed across the land. People have been visited by strange dreams and strange spirits. As a result, everyone can grab the rulebook and make their character as close to the same or as different as they wish.

We are not resetting character points, but with this design, starting characters need fewer points. Because of this, we need to rebalance the current character point totals. Characters’ current total will be reduced by 30 to accommodate the new rules, down to a minimum of 45. A character cannot exceed 120 this year, and if the new total is greater than 120 it will be set to 120.

To accomplish this, we plan to have a new, fresh character database and move current characters over with no skills and a new character point total.

Our goal is that characters are more or less as powerful as they are currently, and characters who build into complex specialty headers can still pursue depth in their character design.


A quick explanation of how we came to these numbers:

 The new rulebook is balanced around a starting total of 20 character points. Since each character begins with free core skills, they don’t need as many character points.

We are crediting the campaign with 5 full years of play through the end of the year.

Our new policy is that for each year of the campaign both the maximum and the minimum character points will increase. For each year that Madrigal runs, we increase the maximum by 20 character points, and the minimum by 5 character points. Since we are crediting the game with 5 years, that brings us to 45 minimum and 120 maximum character points.

Other details:

If a character starts a year with less than the current minimum they are increased to the minimum before the first event of the year.

There is no limit to the number of character points a character can earn in a given year, so long as they don’t exceed the campaign maximum.

Character points earned beyond the maximum are lost. You can’t bank points.

If a player earns points beyond the campaign maximum through Madrigal specific prop work, clean up, or other Madrigal specific tasks they can request those points be assigned to another Madrigal player.

We encourage players to participate in our companion games as non-player characters, to help plot and we offer character point awards for players that do so, so long as the event is not opposite of a Madrigal event. We offer 1 CP for participation as an NPC during an event in a companion game, and that game can request that we award up to 1 additional CP for clean-up, set- up, and their own summary letters.

We do not reward Madrigal character points for props, contributions, or other character points that other games might award.

prereg list for Sep 2021

Hi everyone.

Here’s the current prereg list for the Sep 2021 event. If you think you should be on this and aren’t, let me know.

Likewise, if you don’t have a team/housing group listed and there should be one, please let me know where you should be.


Last updated 19Jul2021

Character NameTeam/Housing Group
AltanaSociety for Exploration and Research
Caoimhe (new char)Society for Exploration and Research
CerynGroup ABR
CotoMisfit Menagerie
DagnaFree Society
DelilahGroup ABR
DjinnCirque de Comete
ElizaMad House
GenevieveGroup ACCJ
IgnoratioFang, Horn, and Poppy
IoSilverblades/misfit menagerie
JerikhoFree Society
KaggFree Society
KonstanzeFang, Horn, and Poppy
KytheraFree Society
LucindaMisfit Menagerie
MalakaiFang, Horn, and Poppy
Metal Pig
NobodyGroup ACCJ
OsricMisfit Menagerie
RhiannonFang, Horn, and Poppy
RydanGroup LJDR
SitaraGroup LJDR
SyrusGroup ABR
TempestMisfit Menagerie
Zoranna (new char)Cirque de Comete

8 Facts About the Madrigal World

With the number of new players showing interest about the Madrigal world and beginning to consider characters and histories we thought it would be a good time to present additional information about the Madrigal world that characters might know as the travel about the world.

~ The Madrigal continent is called Aerune.

(Madrigal Oathbound takes place on another continent in the same world.)

~ There is a dark and forbidden type of magic called Malediction. It is the magic of those who are corrupt and practice necromancy. This magic corrupts the flesh and spirit of those it touches, and its practice can attract or create undead even if the practitioner does not have that intention. It is outlawed in all civilized places and necromancers are hunted.

~ There is an otherworldly place called the Foul which is corrupted by Malediction. Although the Foul is ever a threat to the Gifted folk, there is one time of the year in particular that the winds and voices of the Foul sweep through all the lands. This time is called the Harrowing, and it runs across two nights. The zenith of its power is just after midnight of the second night. Sensible folk lock their doors and shutter their windows to ride out these dark and dangerous nights. Things roam the dark that threaten all good folk. Undead crawl from their graves during the Harrowing, leaving nothing but the furrowed earth in their passing. Malediction is more powerful, and the Foul strengthens undead. It is a more dangerous time for the living, as the presence of the Foul claws at the spirit, making survival more difficult.

~ Horses are extinct. The creature now exists only in myth, but it is said that these beasts proudly bore the Gifted Folk across the land and into battle like a swift and thunderous wind. The Lord of Horses and all their charges were slain long ago in the War of Tears, destroyed in the initial charge against the Blood Queen and her host during that age.

~ The lineages of Aerune are magical. Although in the past some have referred to them as “races,” that term is not entirely correct. The lineage passed, from parent and ancestor, onto each of child of the Gifted peoples in the Madrigal world is magical in nature. More like a blessing (or curse, depending on your point of view) than anything genetic, children are born with the lineage and appearance of a parent, or more rarely, an ancestor.

In early history, when magic was still wild, it swept through the lands untamed. The magic of Wayfare was carried in the wind. It gathered in the borders of things, near fences, and at moments between one time and another. This magic could bring travelers to unexpected places. Infrequently used doorways and unknown paths could bring a traveler who was still out at twilight to someplace else entirely. Peoples’ fortunes and fates could change in an instant, leaving them to adopt to a new place and a new people. Because of this, the peoples of Aerune are widely varied, and the cultures of the lands are about expectations, society, and fellowship, and not about appearance.

This lineage is not genetic, and in fact supersedes what one would expect from genetics in the mundane world. Your lineage can manifest from any of your ancestors, distant or close, and this is a normal and celebrated fact in Aerune. The lineage of a child can match anyone in their ancestry. The appearance of the parents can be greatly different from their child, both in terms of their magical lineage and what we might consider one’s genetic ancestry in the real world. Again, this is normal and celebrated.

The magical lineages are each distinct; a child inherits only one. A vast majority of the time a child will inherit their magical lineage from one parent or another, but sometimes a child might unexpectantly manifest the magical lineage of some distant relative.

~ The Undying are those unfortunate souls who were once unwillingly tainted by Malediction and were one of the lucky few to be cleansed of its corruption. Perhaps magical healing saved this unfortune soul. Perhaps the person so corrupted recovered through a feverish and nightmarish natural recovery. Perhaps some miraculous event cleansed the taint of Malediction itself. Whatever the reason, although the corruption has been cleansed, these unfortunate spirits have been forever scarred by its passing, their Gifts damaged, and their spirits darkened.

Although the Undying have, by this scarring, have been drawn close to undeath they are not corrupt undead. They are no longer corrupted by Malediction, nor do they have that trait. They have escaped it grasp, and its inevitable descent into madness and hubris. Although the Undying have forfeited any chance to continue their line, they still cling to those Gifts that they can. They retain the gift of free will, though sometimes their demeanors are darker as they fight unnatural urges.

~ When one of the Gifted People is slain in war, through violence, or by intrigue then their spirit travels to the Gate of Death. Once the spirit is drawn through the Gate, it is greeted by a Reaper and they learn whether this death circumvents their rightful fate and circumstance. If so, they emerge from the Gate of Death to rejoin the living. It is considered misfortune to speak of what one encountered beyond the Gate, but some few bold Folk dare it.

People who die of natural causes, or who die by their own hand, do not return from the Gate of Death. Although magical diseases seem to be considered to be violent death, and diseases deliberately introduced seem to be treated as a death through intrigue, people who die from natural disease in the normal course of life do not return from the Gate of Death and go to whatever awaits them beyond.

Aerune world has many Gates of Death, not just one. Scholars speculate that there are numerous Reapers that watch these gates and tend to the spirits of the dead that are drawn there. Some gates almost always have the same Reaper that tends to it, while others might have more than one Reaper that is known to watch the gate.

Each one of the Gifted Folk is claimed by a specific Gate of Death. When one of the Gifted Folk is violently slain in war, battle, or intrigue then they are drawn to the Gate of Death that has claimed them, even if it is far away and there are numerous closer gates. Their spirit rises and travels to the Gate of Death that has claimed them.

No one knows how, why, or when a Gate of Death accepts a living spirit as its own. Some people may live in an area for many years and surprisingly are drawn back to their home if they are tragically and violently slain. Scholar speculate that a Gate of Death will only claim a spirit if that Gifted person has accepted an area as its place, home, or otherwise tied its fortune and legacy to that place, deliberately or not.

Some few have claimed to have encountered Nielus himself, the Lord of Death, rather than one of his Reapers when their spirit is called beyond the Gate. These claims are extremely rare.

Only the lucky or very heroic return from the Gate if they are touch by corruption or Malediction, and only if they did not willingly accept such gifts.

~ There are corrupting forces in world that taint the body and spirit. Malediction and undeath, lycanthropy, supernatural madness, and devotion to dark powers can all corrupt the spirit and threaten the Gifts of good folk. Cleansing these from the spirit can be difficult and might take powerful magics, but one thing is known. Although some corruptions are forced on a target, those accepted willingly scar much deeper and are much more difficult to undo. Whether by practicing dark magic, accepting dark gifts, or making dark oaths, corruptions that are accepted willing are much more damaging and have a much greater hold on the spirit than those inflicted. Some corruptions and masters, if willingly accepted, can never be undone.

When good folk are corrupted too long they slowly descend into hubris, losing their ability to embrace virtue, to create art, and to inspire themselves and others.

Vaccination proof for fall events

Save your vaccination cards! Our fall events will require proof of vaccination.

That said, one of my biggest fears for the upcoming fall events is the pain of dealing with vaccination cards. The next event is going to be hard for my dedicated but understaffed crew. The campaign has lost all its momentum. The players will be coming in to new plots and new adventures. No one will remember anything.

So after spending 12 hours loading, unloading, and setting up, Friday night is going to be painful when someone(s) forgets their card and I have to send them home. Especially since most of our players have traveled far. Seriously I am going to feel terrible, but I have to do it for the safety of everyone involved.

If you are traveling from far away, or just want to be sure, I will be looking for a way for people to give proof pre-event so they don’t have to stress about it.

Also, I don’t think there is anyone who would do this but if you know of someone who plans to show up unvaccinated and use Friday night as an opportunity to voice their opinion that I am infringing upon their freedom please, for the love of god, tell them not to do that. Trash talk me on the internet if you must. Friday night, when I have an event to run, I will send you home but it will bother me and it will just make it that much harder to recover and get into running a good event for the players.


Posted around Nocturne

To the Parties Responding to Invitation to the Free City of Ket on behalf of the Majestic of the Free City of Ket and his City Itself,

As your involvement is of course a Voluntary Act, you understand you are in no way entitled or guaranteed any specific provisions beyond gates intended for use in the interests of the Majestic, and would normally not be entitled to any materials from the City of Ket.

However, in this instance the City is instructed to inform you that your provisions of food, shelter, and other necessary sustenance will be seen to. The Catalyst Club has been contracted by the nobles of delegations attending these proceedings to ensure your needs are met in this regard, and so you may come to the City of Ket for the specified period of three days with the expectation of not needing to pay or supply anything to the maintenance of your nutritional requirements.

Should required sustenance extend beyond the natural requirements of a standard Gifted in moderate health, the Catalyst Club retains the ability to exercise discretion. In disputes on this matter, please address concerns to the relevant contract parties (The Catalyst Club; Queen Selil Valais of the Snowcrown and additional parties). 

This communication satisfies the involvement laid out on the part of the Office of the Seneschal of the Majestic of the Free City of Ket to provide this information.

-The Office of the Seneschal of the Majestic of the Free City of Ket


Revel 2020 Teaser

The air isn’t warm, but it is not the chill most people would feel in winter. The sky is gray, but on the ground amid streets of sandstone buildings and colorful awnings crowds bustle and move, caught up in a million different adventures.

A man in a spidersilk coat leans against a well, arguing some matter of price with Korred wearing furs while inspecting a glimmering wand of ancient origin. A woman with buttons from her hat too her boots spills out of a barway door, laughing up a storm while an orc is thrown out behind her, disgruntled and every bit as inebriated.

Life thrives, free and unstoppable, nestled against the edge of the Sands. The Free City of Ket is never truly still, even as the North comes to a stop in the Winter cold.

The City of Ket is no one thing, but is certainly a little bit of everything. Some of those things are coming together… quickly.

A handful of figures in loose fitting and lightly colored trousers and shawls stalks through the trees of an oasis. Through the brush they see a trio of figures standing around a circle of unnatural ice shards, which glow faintly.

Two of the figures, a man and a woman, are wearing menacing masks made to look like draconic beings. The woman’s skin is the light gray of a Frostrime Orc. The third is dressed more plainly, with wraps around their wrists and pant legs, and a scarf ready to keep sand out of their face and hair. He stands off to the side, waiting and watching.

The pair in masks begin to chant, and the circle glows, the shards of ice growing and splintering outward. Power crackles through the air, and shards of ice begin to break off, flying up into the sky, growing as they rise.

One of the small party spying on this ritual, steps back in aprehension, not even knowing they did so, but as they do a branch cracks beneath their feet.

The man who stood to the side turns, quickly, to the sound, locks eyes with the frightened spy. He raises a fist in the air and speaks. Dark magic spills out from a word of command, and throughout the oasis the groans and rustling of the living dead can be heard, rising in anger.

Tall sandstone arches and columns line a subdued side corridor, where a few scribes shuffle back and forth, bent over contracts and scrolls. At either end of the hall is a pair of figures that at first appear to be wearing a dark colored armor with gold trim, until closer inspection reveals that they are not Gifted in armor, but walking armor themselves.

A pair of scribes hustle toward a guarded door at the far end of the corridor, paying no heed to the watchful metal guardians as they approach.

On the door, a simple gold placard reads: “Office of the Seneschal of the Majestic of the Free City Ket.” Below that, on a wooden sign, another message: “All appointments to speak with the Seneschal of the Majestic of the Free City of Ket must be scheduled with the Assistant to the Seneschal of the Majestic of the Free City of Ket three weeks in advance, unless Special Permissions have been granted by an authorized delegate for an Expedited meeting.”

One of the two knocks, as they exchange a nervous glance.

From within a curt voice responds, “Enter.” As the scribes do so, the main, dressed plainly, and seated at a desk with scrolls and writing implements before him, does not look up. “You were nearly late.”

The two scribes don’t speak, instead exchanging a glance. One starts to speak, quietly muttering, “we’re five minutes earl…” before trailing off at the silent but frantic insistence from their peer. With a roll of their eyes, they speak, “what did you require of us?”

“Nothing. The City of Ket, however, requires your guild to see to the delivery of the invitations here within the next day,” still focusing on the parchment at the center of his desk, he pushes a stack of papers toward the scribes.

“Sir… that is a hefty stack, and a short time frame. Obviously we are eager to serve the Majestic-”

“Good, you will be provided Elite Protection Services from the Mercenary Guild for your couriers per the agreed upon rate between this office and their Guild. You are also to inform them of this.” The Seneschal does not look up as he says this.

Flustered, the scribe pauses to plant their feet, as if bracing, before speaking again, “Sir, we aren’t your on demand courier service, and -”

“Correspondence intended for reception by Recognized Heads of State is to be carried through the Scribes Guild of Ket. Correspondence deemed sensitive to manipulation by potential threats to the Free City of Ket are to be handled within twenty-four hours. Diplomatic Engagement on the part of the Scribes Guild of Ket is to treat all parties as equal when conducting negotiations which involve both the Admiral of the Seven Charters and the Crown of Blacktallow.” The two scribes look back and forth, confused. “The first two are from your contract with my office. The third is from a contractual arrangement made by your guild in facilitating another matter, but which still applies.”

“Wait… are we contacting the Admiral?”

“And six royal courts, their associated ministers as appropriate, the four major Shrines of Sollos, a Vellingrim Duke, multiple clan chiefs, a Warlord, several claimants to authority, and the foreign guild.”

Of the half a dozen Children of the Sand who had hidden in the bushes of the oasis, only two remained, running as fast as they could as trees and bushes broke way to uneven and hard ground.

Behind them came two dozen rotted corpses, arms stretched out in hunger and rage, awkwardly bounding forward. At their center was the one who commanded them, another Child of the Sand. He jogged slowly, patiently.

The duo continued to run, haggard, one of them bleeding from a cut on her arm. Sometimes they would look back, but only ever briefly. Instead they kept their eyes to the for, focused on what was ahead of them.

In the distance, the Free City of Ket rose from the sand.

Surrounding it, more shards of growing ice could be seen rising to the sky above it from all directions.

“Like shit I’m committing that many of my best for that amount on short notice” the mercenary, feet up on his desk, scoffed at the flustered scribe before him.

“If you want to tell the Seneschal’s office you’re ignoring that part of your contract…” the scribe trails off, indicating the threat for violating one of the two laws the city actually had.

The mercenary groaned. “What’s so urgent that I need to send everyone out on messenger duty? This is all VIP’s. They’ve got their own security. Can I at least ask what I’m guarding this precious mail against?”

The scribe looks around nervously, and in a hushed voice, “it’s about… it’s about the Imperium. They say their… Lotus? Whatever they are, it’s everywhere, though. Could be anyone.”

The mercenary sits up in his seat, feet on the floor. “Imperium… that’s the Northerners’ problem. What are we doing getting involved?”

“I don’t know!” the scribe gesticulated as they spoke. “Damn Seneschal didn’t say anything. Just handed me these and gave some instructions on their delivery.”

“Well, I’ll get some fools in their fancy folk armor on the double. Gates are your responsibility.”

Still running, the man and woman could see the gates to the city ahead of them, but they were slowing down. Behind them, the undead had yet to tire. They were starting to gain.

“We’re not… they’re going to… shit…” the woman panted and huffed, trying to speak as she ran. “Too far,” she said, gesturing at the gate.

The man, gasping for air as well, weakly gestured in her direction, waving off her remark. “Nno… no. Guards, I see guards.”

Ahead of them, a unit of Scaled Guard had turned to face them, and was moving closer. The two Children of the Sands dug in deep, trying to run just even a little bit faster, but they were at their limit. Behind them, the undead, now without their leader, were getting closer and closer, inch by inch. Their snarls and clacking of bone was getting louder.

Skin pale, and head faint from the still open wound on her arm, the woman began to stagger. “Can’t-” she did not finish the sentence, instead falling as one of her legs gave out beneath her. As the man turned to help, he stumbled and tripped.

Around them the slapping and scraping of the undead charging could be heard, but the rhythmic clank and thud of the Scaled Guard was coming even faster from the opposite side. The man crawled to his companion, afraid to look up.

In his office, the Seneschal, sat comparing signatures on a pair of documents before placing them in a file by his desk. The room was silent as he worked, lit just enough for eyes to easily focus on the task at hand.

Abruptly, a simple candle on a sconce by the wall that had sat unlit burst into a bright red flame. The Seneschal, immediately looked up, and stood. He left the office, walking quickly, nearly running. Around him, the Scaled Guard were filing out of hidden rooms and marching into defensive positions or taking to the exits into the city.

He moved deeper and deeper into the structure, before coming to an open courtyard. It was peaceful and calm, but at its center was a smaller structure which crackled with power. Another man came in, running with the steady sound of scale mail bouncing to each step.

“Captain?” the Seneschal nodded at the other man, expecting a response.

“Not sure, but we’ve been getting a lot more activity around the outskirts the past few days, and the candle was red, so…”

“Correct.” The two stood before the door to the building from which cracks could be seen of magic flowing and building up through its walls. They paused, giving one another a glance before opening the door.

The two Children of the Sands clung to one another, huddled close to the ground beneath the once again unmoving corpse of one of their pursuers. Around them there was fighting, with the formation of the small unit of Scaled Guard shifting forward and back against the staggered waves of undead.

The man gasped in pain as a heavy metal clank announced the collapse of one of the Guard on top of his leg. Pinned, he put an arm over his head and began to pray he and his companion wouldn’t be trampled.

Whether it worked, and the Threadbearers favored his words, or luck just happened to be on his side, the fighting began to slow. Soon the only sound was the meaty sounds of wounded undead being dispatched for good.

The man lightly patted the cheek of his companion, and her eyes fluttered open, out of focus at first.

“We made it. We made it to the city,” he is crying as he speaks, but she is not looking at him. Instead she is looking over his shoulder, at the sky, and points in terror.

Descending from above, a momentous volley of ice shards, each the size of an ancient tree, is falling. They are many, and they darken the skies above the City.

The Scaled Guard Captain and the Seneschal stand at attention before the Majestic, as he raises his clawed hands up to the sky beyond his chamber.

The Majestic’s eyes are closed in concentration. The captain and the Seneschal exchange a glance, and the Seneschal holds up a hand as if to wait.

Power builds, the room glows, and the air becomes tense with energy. Finally, the Majestic speaks. “This is going to break some things.”

As the shards of ice fall, a shockwave of magic expands from the heart of the city, rattling doors and knocking people to their feet until it reaches the falling shards of ice and where they meet there is a hot white flash and a boom like thunder. The shards each explode, and in their place a flurry of snow and dust flutters down.

For a moment there is a roaring chorus of explosions, culminating in a final burst, after which snow drifts down to the city, and out to the nearby oases.

The two attendants to the Majestic pick themselves up off the floor at the edge of the chamber, where they’d been flung.

The captain speaks first, “Majestic, I apologize but I don’t know the nature of the threat. Orc and undead raids have picked up, but-”

“No. No, I felt this threat, this was the Dragon! I feel its eyes turn to us. If there are little things that would press the city, I trust you to handle it, Captain.”

“Of course, Majestic. How can we assist you against… this?” He glances upwards to where the Majestic had been focusing.

“Hmm… perhaps better help would come from those who have already faced it… yes… Seneschal!” His claws still held up, he turns his attention to the dour beaurocrat.

“Sir?” He pauses for a moment. “Sir, surely you can handle this without… unpredictable influences?”

“My Seneschal I appreciate your awe of my power, but you must summon the people of Nocturne.” He pauses for a moment, and adds as an afterthought, “not the old ones, the current ones.”

“I… of course, sir. If it would so please you. I am also moving to invite a number of foreign dignitaries on the other matter we discussed, shall I postpone?”

The Majestic looks quizzical for a moment, “Why? I do not see why the business you see to needs to stop while I am engaged. Besides, if you are calling to Nocturne, it was them who sent the dream you found so alarming, wasn’t it?”

“…of course, sir. I’ll send them a formal invitation at once-”

The Majestic cut him off, “You may forgo the usual paperwork in enlisting their aid.”

The Seneschal clenches his jaw, and exhales. “Of course, sir. I will send them a formal invitation at once…” hesitating for a moment, he continues with the next part, as if it is hard, “…and the formal documentation of temporary enlistment in crucial aid to the Free City of Ket will be officially waived to expedite their involvement. Sir.”

Prereg for Revel 2020

Hello everyone.

Revel is coming up, and there is limited space with heated sleeping.

Here’s the current list of preregs (in order) and whether or not they requested heated sleeping space (we have now filled all the bunks and I’ve started a wait list – if the ‘heated’ column is in red, you’re on the wait list):

Character Name Team/Housing Group Heated?
Rhiannon Fang, Horn and Poppy 1
Zalo 1
Sitara group A 1
Altana Free Society 1
Arianna Windward 1
Loredana Windward 1
Pages Windward 1
Dagna Free Society 1
Kurt 1
Fox Wilderforge 1
Bastia Windward (for this event) 1
Marika Misfits/Silverblades 1
Eirikur 1
Rasvim Misfits/Silverblades 1
Jocelynne (new char) Mad House 1
Rydan group A 1
Ellis Windward 1
Ceryn Cultural Exchange 1
Harper Coven 1
Jerikho Free Society 1
Murdoc Unbroken Shield 1
Holly Unbroken Shield 1
Syrus Cultural Exchange 1
Delilah Cultural Exchange 1
Nobody group B 1
Charcoal Mad House 1
Chains (new char) Mad House 1
Pirouette Cultural Exchange 1
Gunther Fang, Horn and Poppy 1
Talos Cultural Exchange 1
Jacoby Coven 1
Zaira (new char) Free Society (for this event) 1
Nahdir Group D 1
Rue 1
Eliza Mad House 1
Skjoldr group A 1
Coral Coven 1
Emrys Wilderforge 1
Ignoratio Fang, Horn, and Poppy 1
Blacksun Mad House 1
Starling Group D 1
Nev Windward 1
Bunny group A 1
Osric 1
Hart Coven 1
Snickers Wilderforge 1
Ophelia Parliament 1
Jerrin Windward 1
Jonathan Brandrkind 1
Viera Parliament 1
Sunrise Brandrkind 1
Corso Windward 1
Elentia Parliament 1
Kagg Free Society 1
Konstanze Fang, horn, and Poppy 1
Gwendolyn Fang, horn, and Poppy 1
Lexi Seven Sisters 1
Nico 1
Gruul Cultural Exchange 1
Cor’Delia Windward 1
Gwyon Coven 1
Tharion Wilderforge 1
Maebh 1
Skeek 0
Chelsea Misfits/Silverblades 1
Kythera Free Society 1
Abraham Mad House 1
Bridget Mad House 1
Malakai Fang, Horn, and Poppy 1
Azrin group C 1
Rain group C 1
Icoran Parliament 1
Florian Parliament 0
Calavacte Parliament 1
Thistle 0
Adelaide 0
Ellion Unbroken Shield 0
Lucinda Silverblades 1
Dorian 0
Thrymyr 0
Kalypso Wilderforge
Torden Mad House 1
Malorie Mad House 1
Kelkimo Wilderforge 1
Sifjar 1
Balefire 1

A Dream of the Pale

The Keeper of Sorrows considered all of the natural components he had gathered and set them down in a deliberate spiral pattern. He took deep breaths to clear his mind. It was not easy at this time of year. As the power of the Foul rose with the approach of the Harrowing, he felt the pain of all of the Sorrowhaunts in his wood, even this far outside that forlorn place.

The Keeper let those thoughts drift away from him and concentrated on the task at hand. He ignored the cool night air, the sparking stars above him, and the flames flickering at his side. He let his voice reach into the Pale, so that all the Pale spirits could hear him. As he did so, he let the cards fall as they may; each image revealed building the power of his voice. An ancient scroll of calling faded and crumbled as he called upon its magic.

The trees and rocks and even the earth heard him. He could feel them awaken, even if only briefly, and sigh at his call. The wind answered him, rustling the remaining leaves in the trees above him. He called again and waited. The stars moved slowly across the night sky.

When the darkness of the night seemed deepest, his answer came. The flames faltered and went out. Voices, only whispers, could be heard from the darkness. He could see eyes watching him. Those eyes were not human.

“Greetings, child of the Gifted.” one voice whispered to him. “Why have you called out to the Elder Tree? What do you wish?”

The Keeper of Sorrows carefully considered his words. “I have been approached by Druids, Gifted and empowered, who seek the council and wisdom of the Elder Tree. I agreed to call to it, to attract its attention on their behalf. Mine is a path of sacrifice, like those before me, and I have that right.”

The eyes looked about, and whispers in the darkness contemplated and discussed his request.

“The Gifted children have their own teachers; those with Virtue and Hubris are too volatile; too quick to interpret answers and too impatient to understand the whispers of the leaves. You know this. It is why the ancient pacts separated the Gifted teachers from the whispers of the trees. So that the Gifted would not misinterpret the dreams of the Elder Tree, and so the Elder Tree would not reveal dreams to the Gifted that they would not be ready to understand.”

Figures in the dark nodded, and regarded each other.

Another voice continued where the first left off. “The ancient pact is clear. Do not bring the Hubris of the Gifted to the boughs and roots and leaves of the Elder Tree, where ever it might manifest. That is why only we can find its boughs. Because we cannot bear Hubris.”

“Unless the Gifted teach to us,” the third voice clarified.

The Keeper of Sorrows waited to be sure they wished  him to speak. He nodded sagely before continuing. “The ancient pacts were set to last until the ancient wounds of the world were healed, or until the world was threatened anew. The Sorrowhaunts have reason to believe that both are true. They believe it is time for the Pale to once again hear the whispers of the trees, even if that means seeing the dreams of the Elder Tree.”

This time there were no whispers. The figures did not regard each other, nor could any whispers be heard. They simply waited. Time passed.

“Your sacrifice gives you the right to call on the Elder Tree. We shall see if they are ready. We shall see if these Gifted children can set aside their Hubris and fully embrace the Pale.”

Another voice continued. “Even now, spirits more ancient that you and your line awaken. They feel the roots of the Elder Tree, they gaze up into its boughs, and they contemplate each leaf they see. It is vast, yet they hear them, hear them all. The Elder Tree calls them back to the waking world. Expect the first on the first night of the Harrowing. Tell the Gifted to set aside their Hubris and watch for these visitations starting that first night when the Foul shadows the world.”

A third voice concluded. “The spirits will reveal a path; perhaps it will lead away from Hubris, perhaps it will lead towards understanding. It will be the purpose of the Gifted Races that lead them. Each of the Gifted will in turn be as a root, a bough, a leaf.”

Long moments of silence passed before the Keeper of Sorrows bowed. “I will send my dreams forth so they know we have spoken.” When he looked up the spirits were gone.

The Harrowing 3019

The Harrowing

(Part One)

When summer’s warmth is left behind
And winter’s threat is not so kind
The darkest time in all the year
Falls after harvest fields are clear
When Harrowing Nights arrive

These nights the Foul doth cloak the Earth
Each year return, a dark rebirth
And those that serve will drink and feast
What meal, not fit for man nor beast?
Best shunned by those alive

And though the living face this dread
The greater threat is to the dead
The Foul does claw each resting place
Each corpse thus touched the living face
Each grave this night a threat

The Foul brings with it bitter spite
Undead grow stronger Harrowed Night
Beware the dead, those touched by Foul
The ghasts and haunts these nights do prowl
The dead must pay their debt

With undead strong and ghouls about
Too strong, the Foul, to be locked out
No sanctuary this night remains
To bring folk rest nor ease their pains
No safe place will protect

In ancient times the House of Weald
Brought magicks strong in woods and field
To circles full of leering faces
That grew outside in darkest places
No soul would they neglect

Out of Game
(Part One)

The Harrowing Nights last from Friday until dawn on Sunday.

During the Harrowing Nights, the typical sanctuaries are ruined. Players cannot take long rests in their hearths, or in the tavern, or even in their holy places as normal. In most of the lands, people lock themselves away. Around Nocturne, however, mysterious circles of Jack O’ Lanterns are said appear. Players may take long rests at these circles, exposed to those that might attack them. Those resting at a circle take all the power of one of the Jack O’ Lanterns while they rest. That is to say, if someone is already using a Jack o’ Lantern to rest you cannot use it until they are done. The circles start out small, with few Jack o’ Lanterns. Players can bolster the power of these circles, however. If you bring you own Jack O’ Lantern and place it at one of the circles, and keep it lit at night, the circles grow in power. More players can rest at one time. In addition, it is rumored that circles bolstered with more Jack o’ Lanterns can contribute more power to those that might use them to aid travelers, and perhaps other boons can be drawn from circles that grow in number if the Jack o’ Lanterns are carved with care or skill.

The Harrowing
Year 3019

(Part Two)

At Harrowing Time the earth is churned
The undead claw to freedoms earned
Though corpses lurch and bones do rise
Worse still the ghosts with seeking eyes
That do not find remains

These spectral dead are stronger still
With anger comes the urge to kill
When Malediction feeds despair
These ghosts control each soul they tear
Each spirit it profanes

Out of Game
(Part Two)

Not only does the Foul make undead more powerful, but some powerful spectral undead tainted with Malediction become particularly insidious. Any of the Gifted that are inflicted with the Foul – “Inflict Harrowed Trait” – are drawn into the Gloaming, and a corrupt spirit takes their place in the waking world to destroy any living or Gifted beings it finds.

Players who are non-combat or have some other medical reason to have a special combat status are immune to this effect.

This corrupt spirit remaining loses all abilities, armor and traits of the player character. Boons are suppressed. It is only a spectral mockery of the Gifted character it has stolen from the living. It – and when we say it we really mean *you* if you are affected – has only three Vitality, has the Undead and Malediction traits, and will strike uncalled with whatever weapons it carries or it can find.

Usually your spirit will glow with corruption during this time. You will put on a necklace with a soft light to indicate you are a corrupted spirit. Some particularly cunning spirits and some powerful areas might suppress this light to confuse the Gifted Races. Fortunately, corrupted spirits do not speak or respond in an intelligible manner; their speech is limited to dark whispering of their terrible dreams.

This effect, if not permanent, lasts until the spirit is defeated. When defeated the spirit falls down and 10 seconds later the player character returns in its place with whatever Vitality and Armor they had when they were inflicted. If they fell down unstable then they are stable when they reappear.

As bad as that is, there are corrupted areas of the Foul that can be much worse. If you are permanently inflicted by the Harrowing – “Permanent Inflict Harrowed Trait” – the effect will not end when you fall. Instead the affect will last until you receive a “Cure Harrowed trait” effect. If you are taken down then after ten seconds you will rise as a spirit and slink off into some dark place, only to slowly reform and come forth again to slay the living. You will try to reform far from the living, and if you are forced to reform closer to those who are not corrupted your dark whispers or soft cries of anguish should be used to want that soon you will active once more.

This means that heroes that venture into areas most heavily polluted by the Foul could suddenly find their allies ripped away from them and find they are fighting for their lives, out-numbered, and facing death in the form of the corrupted visages of the very people that, minutes before, were sworn to protect them.

Undying, Demonbound, and Grotesque player characters are particularly susceptible to these effects, but this corruption of the Foul can strike anyone.

In game, during the Harrowing Nights a character can be corrupted against their will. A player, however, can make the out of game decision to die rather than be inflicted by this corruption. This is not an in-game decision, but an out of game decision if they will not have fun with this. Players who have issue with this effect should pay attention to characters who are gathering them for adventures as the “hook” will generally warn players if this effect will be wide spread or inflict some portion of those going into the night to face the terrors found therein.

To summarize:
“Inflict Harrowed trait” means you become a corrupted spirit once.

When you are dropped, you will be a spirit for 10 seconds and then you will become your character again in whatever state you left. If you were unstable you are instead stable.

“Permanent Inflict Harrowed trait” means you become a corrupted spirit until you receive a “Cure Harrowed trait” effect, and each time you are destroyed you will, after ten seconds, reform and “recycle” in some dark place and attack again.

If you go to reform, try to be in some dark place away from the players. If you must form near active players, take 10 seconds and use whispering and soft cries of anguish to warn them you are reforming.

If the attack is delivered as a Gesture then you will turn to a non-combat spirit first, walk out to the horrible thing inflicting you before you become combat active, and turn into a combat active corrupted spirit only when you are near the one calling to you and you are no longer in the middle of the ranks of your one time friends who would otherwise beat you into submission before you took two steps.

As a corrupted spirit:
~ All armor, abilities, skills, and boons are suppressed. Your actual body is trapped deep in the Gloaming.
~ You have 3 Vitality points.
~ You have the traits Undead and Malediction.
~ You have the ability to fight with whatever weapons you can find.
~ There will sometimes be extra weapons in the area you might be directed to if you have none.

The Harrowing
Year 3019

(Part Three)

In these dark times when blood is spilled
The Foul’s dark hate is never filled
It gnaws at flesh and eats at life
And claims all souls who fall from strife
Those downed have fragile fates

If battle comes when darkness falls
Let healers heed the battle calls
Each wounded friend in dire need
For allies fall and always bleed
Too slow, the Reaper waits

Out of Game
(Part Three)

During the Harrowing, Malediction weakens all living and Gifted things. Players who fall from damage always fall unstable, even if they fall from uncalled damage. Whenever someone falls from damage or takes damage when they have no Vitality they are unstable from the damage. Characters can be Stabilized normally, but further damage will make them become unstable.

The only exception is unstable characters who are inflicted by the Foul and fight for a time as a corrupted spirit will, when they return as their character, be stable.

The Harrowing
Year 3019

(Part Four)

Amidst the ancient towers tall
Before the Shadow took them all
With bones disturbed and blood spilled free
Were found signs of necromancy
Black magic raised the dead

Macabre murders ‘neath the moon
With Foul’s dark night approaching soon
Investigators gather clues
From witnesses the guard reviews
Transcripts of what was said

The trail is laid to noble hall
Brought forth in chains the lord stands tall
Refusing to admit his guilt
Despite the clues and blood thus spilt
Sentenced to lose his head

Corruption soaked into his grave
Though laid to rest, would not behave
His cup of rage which never fills
The Harrowing is when he kills
His revenant brings dread

Prereg for November Event

Hello everyone.

The November event is fast approaching.  Here’s the list of PCs who have preregged for the event.  Please check to make sure your name is on the list if you have preregged, and bug your friends if you see their names are missing.

Thanks, and see you all in a few weeks!

Character Name Team/Housing Group
Abraham Mad House
Adelaide Parliament
Adeon Misfit Menagerie
Almerrick Ruckerdemalion
Altana Free Society
Antheia Coven
Arianna Windward
Avalon Parliament
Balefire Seven Sisters
Balmonious Bard Fang, Horn, and Poppy
Blacksun Mad House
Bridget Mad House
Brook Misfit Menagerie
Calavacte Parliament
Ceryn Cultural Exchange
Charcoal Mad House
Charis Cultural Exchange
Chelsea Misfit Menagerie
Cor’delia Windward
Coral Coven
Coto Misfit Menagerie
Dagna Free Society
Delilah Cultural Exchange
Desmond Fate’s Chosen
Elentia Parliament
Eliza Mad House
Elli Misfit Menagerie
Ellion Unbroken Shield
Ellis Windward
Ephraim Parliament
Eredin Free Society
Fenrick Unbroken Shield
Florian Parliament
Genevieve Unbroken Shield
Gruul Cultural Exchange
Gwyon Coven
Hart Coven
Henry House Caraidean
Hludana Fate’s Chosen
Holly Unbroken Shield
Iccauos Unbroken Shield
Ignoratio Fang, Horn, and Poppy
Inez Fate’s Chosen
Io Misfits/Silverblades
Jacoby Coven
Jerikho Free Society
Jerrin Windward
Jonathan Brandrkind
Kagg Free society
Kas Fate’s Chosen
Kelkimo Wilderforge
Kiroan Ruckerdemalion
Kismet Windward
Kizito Cultural Exchange
Lexi Seven Sisters
Loredana Windward
Lucinda Misfits/Silverblades
Luxe Parliament
Malakai Fang, Horn, and Poppy
Marcellus Windward
Marika Misfits/Silverblades
Merryn (new char) Misfit Menagerie
Metal Pig Misfit Menagerie
Murdoc Unbroken Shield
Nev Windward
Nobody Unbroken Shield
Ophelia Parliament
Pages Windward
Rainiere Windward
Rasvim Misfit Menagerie
Rhiannon Fang, Horn, and Poppy
Rue Unbroken Shield
Sam Parliament
Skjoldr Iron Forge
Snickers Wilderforge
Sunrise Brandrkind
Syrus Cultural Exchange
Tempest Misfit Menagerie
Tharion Wilderforge
Tris Windward
Trist Parliament
Viera Parliament
Warden Cultural Exchange
Zalo Unbroken Shield